Full Moon Meditations

Full Moon Meditations at Själastugan - Creating a New Story
There is a green and blue planet revolving in our Universe that we have the privilege to be living on. Of all the sentient life that exists here, humans have the ability to spoil the entire package. We are also the ones who can halt the deterioration that isn’t natural and create a new way forward for all aspects of life on Earth. Taking wisdom from the past humans can apply it to new ideas and innovations. We can learn, create and manifest a way of life that sustains and enhances this planet for many, many generations to come. We can co-create our future and the planet’s destiny to our mutual benefit.
In time honoured tradition our ancestors have taught us the ways to do this. First we have to dream the future different from the past. When we know what it looks like, we have to live its values. By that time we have drawn it towards us enough that it begins to manifest in our everyday life. Then we can fine tune the details for the benefit of all.

In this day and age how is it that we can’t feed all the people; that we destroy important habitats and we value money and power over life itself? If we think that this is how it has always been and always will be, then it will. End of story. But if we believe it can be different and apply ourselves, we can create a new story and a new future with endless possibilities. We need space and time to come together to dream. To dream this future awake, put into practise the inspiration and ideas that come from the dream and network the innovation of creating our own future.

In 2016 we hold Full Moon Dreaming gatherings in Sweden, for ceremony and meditation, in the spirit of old tradition but with a positive intent for the future. All are welcome.

Tuesday 22nd March: 7pm
Thursday 21st April: 7pm
Friday 20th May: 7pm
Sunday 19th June: 7pm

To confirm your attendance call Lynn or terry Forrest 0730517313 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.