About Us

Awakening to our spiritual adventure

Lynn and terry Forrest have a vision of the life they want and Härjedarlen county in Sweden called them to make their dream a reality. But their individual journeys to this point were quite different.


terry had come from a career in corporate business management and for the most part, enjoyed it. There was always a thread which tugged at him though, pulling him to a different lifestyle. Travel had broadened his horizons but his spirit yearned for something more. With few family ties he decided one day to just give it all up and create a new way of life and so moved to Cornwall in the UK. Shortly after this he met Lynn during a Reiki initiation. They became great friends and eventually married, sharing a combined interest in ancient teachings, spiritual practise and a love of nature. terry’s journey since has been life changing, becoming a Reiki Master and Shamanic practitioner and councillor. Training with his Shamanic teacher Jonathan Horwitz has opened up yet another avenue for his spiritual understanding. Now living in the natural environment of central Sweden terry makes this a valuable and practical part of his everyday life.






Lynn’s earlier marketing career in the UK gave way to bringing up two children, then moving from outer London to the rural idyll of Cornwall. Somewhere during the homemaking years she discovered complementary and alternative medicine. Using it for family and friends lead her to train in several therapies and become an accomplished Reiki  Master, teacher and practitioner of healing, meditation, and self-development. Lynn has a love of community and personal development through spiritual and traditional values. She is a founder of the CHI (Complementary Health Initiative) and Parallel Community, working for many years in the voluntary sector. During the past two decades she has also worked deeply with the Earth and the traditions of indigenous peoples. She and terry have shared their Creating Sacred Circles work with communities in Australia and Europe. Lynn’s interaction with the indigenous English landscape and its ancient stone monuments and sacred sites like Stonehenge and Avebury, have taught her much about earth energies and our relationship to the place we live. Earth-based spirituality rooted in the Celtic tradition has developed throughout Lynn's work and now forms a large part of what both she and terry teach. Now a grandmother, Lynn loves what she does, lives what she teaches and shares what she knows to help others on their own journey through life.