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Events and Courses  2018

Events are usually offered in English. Sometimes we also have a Swedish interpreter.


Earth Energies 1 Day workshop

Venue: Vejbystrand. 27 October 2018. 09:30 - 17:00

In this one day workshop terry & Lynn will share the background and practical framework for creating your own relationship with the Earth where you are. You will experience how powerful meditations and distant healing can change things when individuals or groups apply this way of working and how you can contribute to global peace movements, new energy for our communities and wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.

  • Learn how to create a sacred Circle
  • Connect with the Earth and energy lines
  • Create better balance and harmony in your Chakras
  • Step into a ‘Må Bra’ way of living

When people get together they have the power to influence the land and the energy that surrounds it, the land responds to the interaction too & raises the consciousness of people involved. For generations people have gathered in ceremony and meditation to offer healing and improve their own lives and environment.  

Rituals inspired at the sites of our Celtic ancestors have grown to create important ways we can re-connect with the land and bring us in to right relationship with nature and the Earth once again. Learn how to heal the land and communities that live there to create greater strength in Earth's energy lines.

COST:   700 sek  bring lunch to share

BOOK: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Sacred Circles, Earth Energies & Empowerment

Look out for glamping on next year's course. Spring 2019

We become a Tribe for this 4 day residential course, relaxing in furnished yurts in Cornwall's rural coastal town of Wadebridge.

We learn how to create sacred space, how to hold and apply that to any situation and how to use it to ground and orientate ourselves. What direction are you heading in? How do you want your life path to look? How can you ally yourself to Spirit to help and support you? What significance does this have for our busy lives?

Then we take a look at our bodies. Is our energy balanced? How do we become more attuned to our body's needs? What can we do to keep healthy and deal with our issues?

How do we use this knowledge to keep ourselves grounded and harmonious in the face of our sometimes overwhelming distractions and develop better emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health?

Lynn & terry Forrest have trod their spiritual paths for over two decades and are experienced facilitators & teachers of various methods of spiritual development and healing. They will take you on a journey towards your own empowerment, giving you tools to use and practice in everyday life and enhancing what you may already know and teach yourself.

Exploring sacred circle work, the elements, chakras and heart intelligence we will identify how we sometimes sabotage ourselves and how to avoid it. Our sense of inner strength then grows and a greater awareness of how we manifest our lives becomes clearer.

COST: £380 - including course & shared accommodation, food extra.

BOOK: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. £50 non-returnable deposit to secure your place. 


Reiki level 1

Sweden   28 & 29 June  09:30 - 17:00 Thursday and Friday

This is the first of the Reiki healing modules, which includes initiation and tuition into the art of self healing.

This is a 2 day course learning Level 1, an ideal foundation course for both beginners and anyone who wants to formalise their healing skills and knowledge. The attunements received will raise consciousness and facilitate personal healing.  1750SEK complete with manual and certificate.

Reiki is one of the most powerful healing modalities. Handed down from Master to student for over a century this is an opportunity to learn and experience healing for yourself. At Level 1 you must commit to a period of 21days practice immediately after your course to                                                                                                         complete the initiation.


Reiki Share

Sweden  & UK                 Dates and venues on application                          Donations

Regular Reiki Share sessions (often monthly) between students and Reiki Masters to encourage peer supervision and cohesion among practitioners. A lovely way to give and receive Reiki and share experiences within the Reiki Circle.






Autumn 2018

Being Sovereign and Living from the Heart

Deepening your MindBodySpirit Experience

Sweden & UK              Dates, cost and venues on application

This 3 day workshop offers the chance for you to discover some basic practices that will optimise a holistic lifestyle and establish a better understanding of MindBodySpirit intergration.

Keeping happy and balanced in all aspects of our lives is a constant juggling act. We want to manifest the life we dream of but how do we do that amidst all the spiritual advice and myriad of methods out there? Using basic teachings and principles to ground your spiritual practice and development in positive ancient wisdom, you can find your way through to being able to live mindfully using heart-centred motivation to manifest the life you want. This course gives you the tools to take back command of life and restores your power. This in turn supports spiritual growth and influences your relationships in a positive way. Using nature, visualisation, meditation, drumming, circle and chakra work we will help you build a blue print for a brighter, happier, positive future.